Nikita Campbell-Smith
Sports Massage Therapist
International Athlete
About Me
🇬🇧 Level 4 Sports Massage Therapist attained at St Mary's University, Twickenham
🇬🇧 Experience treating in Football and Athletics
🇬🇧 400m Athlete
What is sports massage?
Massage involving the manipulation of the soft tissue to aid mobility and ease stiffness and pain in tight muscles and joints.
Who is sports massage for?
Sports massage is not only for athletes; this deep tissue massage can benefit those in physically demanding jobs or anyone who simply enjoys a massage.
Benefits of sports massage
Improves sporting performance by increasing flexibility and reducing aches and pains.

Prevents injury by helping your muscles, tendons and joints move through their proper range of motion and stay in optimum shape. Many injuries are caused by the overuse of muscles resulting in pain and inflammation; regular sports massages can help reduce the likelihood of the muscles becoming overused in the first place and can also help reduce the initial inflammation that leads to injury.

Reduces pain from recovering injures or tight muscles. Massage promotes proper healing of scar tissues and can provide a soothing effect on injured areas.

Decreases stress and increases focus, putting you in a good psychological state.

Speeds up recovery process after intense exercise by dissolving waste fluids such as lactic acid.
Treatment Options
20 Minutes
Beneficial before training or competitions in order to stimulate your muscles and prepare your body for activity.
30 Minutes
Ideal for those wanting a quick, invigorating massage or with small problem areas.
Extra Time
45 Minutes
Extra time to work on problem areas.
Full Body
60 Minutes
Ideal for those wanting a full body massage or with multiple problem areas.
Abbeydale Tennis Club
Abbeydale Road South
Sheffield, S17 3LJ
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